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Myths About The Crusades

FALSE STATEMENT The Crusades were an attempt by Christians to forcibly spread and impose their religion on others. OUR DEFENSE...

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Miracles of Christ Jesus

FALSE STATEMENT Miracles do not exist and Jesus never actually performed any miracles despite what the bible says. We do...

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Self-Righteousness and Christianity

FALSE STATEMENT Christians are self-righteous. OUR DEFENSE An extremely common misconception about Christians is that they are self-righteous. Really, it...

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A Murderous God?

FALSE STATEMENT God is a murderer of the innocent to include children and babies and He breaks His own commandment...

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Christians Worship 3 Gods?

FALSE STATEMENT Christians worship three Gods which makes them polytheists, or tritheists, instead of monotheists. OUR DEFENSE The statement that...

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Abortion and God’s Opinion

FALSE STATEMENT Abortion is not murder, therefore Christians can have abortions. OUR DEFENSE Like most of our sins we attempt...

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